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Safer Design

Helping put Safety in Design

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 About us


Safer Design was founded to assist Designers, Project Managers, Contractors and Clients in ‘designing out’ health and safety risks during design development.


Safer Design believes that along with quality, programme and cost; safety is determined during the design stage.


We believe that a large number of construction and end use safety risks can be designed out during design development with proactive focused consideration.


How can we approach this? - Application of STAGE Reviews


The STAGE review process was designed during research at the University of the West of England and developed in close consultation with leading academics and construction professionals from Europe, Australia, UAE and the United States.


The STAGE review promoted by Safer Design is considered a useful process in managing risk; that improves safety, constructability and maintainability in a coordinated manner with all stakeholders.




STAGE is a Safety Targeted Assessment via Gateway Evaluation.


The process acknowledges that design considerations are complex and always in a transitional state. To overcome this, STAGE presents pre planned windows when focused reviews of relevant health and safety considerations are undertaken throughout design development.


Materials provided on this site will support application of STAGE, ensuring unnecessary risk is designed out.


WHAT is the aim of Safer Design?


This site has been developed to promote STAGE reviews and act as an industry resource specifically for design phase health and safety management.

Safer Design is a not for profit site (terms of use) and we hope you use the resource and the STAGE reviews to help reduce accidents and incidents throughout the life cycle of your structures.



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